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We offer a wide range of skin health treatments and knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming. To determine the treatment plan the best suits your skin’s needs, please schedule and enjoy a complimentary skin evaluation.


We deliver skin science from our laboratories directly to you. Combining the purest ingredients in enhanced concentrations with our advanced nanotechnology delivery, the results are immediate and unforgettable.

The Facial Treatment  80

This high powered clinical treatment doesn't mess around, it is time and product focus. This treatment is for those serious about improving their skins appearance. After evaluation Mary will choose the proper products/treatments that are perfect for your skins needs that day. Any/all combination of treatments below are included in one price, 30 minutes.
Best results are achieved with a 4-6 treatment program.

Facial Treatments include any combination of the following.
Cleansing Massage
Enzymatic Exfoliation
Advanced cellular digestion to promote skin renewal with enzymes, amino acids and minerals. Two strengths available to target beginning treatments to advanced results. Target: All skin types.
Hand & Arm Massage
Vital Retinal Peel
Revolutionary peel, smart enough to know exactly what your skin needs and where to deliver it. Jump start rejuvenation to control signs of aging, breakouts and sun damage.Target: All skin types. 
Lactic Acid Peel
The perfect beginning to smoother younger looking skin! Great for all skin types, whether you are in your 20's or approaching later decades, this is an excellent treatment to improve the appearance of your skins texture, color, and fine lines. Includes barley and mushrooms to jump start the repair and soothing process, while lactic acid exfoliates, removing dry damaged skin.Target: Healthy skin maintenance, oily, combo, sensitive, age, redness, and rosacea.
Glycolic Acid Peel
This favorite peel provides super exfoliation of old, dead skin cells, and activates the cellular renewal clock. Helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and improving skins texture. Target: aging, pigment, healthy skin maintenance, dry and combo.
Salicylic Acid Peel
Clean and clear out clogged pores, eradicate overactive oil production, and combat signs of aging for oily, acne proned skin. Target: acne, age, healthy skin maintenance, oily, and combo.
Peptide Peel
An impressive combination of 10 powerful age fighting ingredients and peptides to stimulate collagen production. Target, aging, pigmentation, acne, and healthy skin maintenance.
Endotherm Peel
Heat absorbing treatment designed to cool down the skin, narrowing blood vessels, reducing inflammation and swelling. Sage and cadramon calm and boost healing. Target: Rosacea, sensitive, and all skin types.
Anti-Aging Boosters
Pigmentation Boosters

Essential Nutrients Replaced
Face Lift Mask

A treatment mask with sea algea, vitamin C and brightening agents to tighten, plump and hydrate the skin. This two-part system can be customized for all skin types. Target: aging, pigmentation, and healthy skin maintenance.
Leave-on Nourishing Mask
Sun Protection
Lip Treatments

The Facial   110

This is a more luxurious version of the Facial Treatment, including all/any of the above treatments appropriate for your skins needs that day, in addition, a hand & arm massage with warm gloves, and a full face, neck and décolleté massage, any/all combination of above treatments are included in one price, 50 min. 


Home care regime is crucial to achieving, quick long term results!

Ever since I started facials on a regular basis, my face has improved immensely. Thank you  ~Erica

After my skin was ravaged by chemo treatments, Mary turned my skin around with her facials and Skin Care for home.  ~Mary
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