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We offer a wide range of skin health treatments and knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming, let Mary guide you to younger looking skin


We deliver skin science from our laboratories directly to you. Combining natures purest ingredients in enhanced concentrations with our advanced nanotechnology delivery, the results are immediate, visible and unforgettable.

The Facial Treatment  $80

This high powered clinical treatment doesn't mess around, it is time and product focus. This treatment is for those serious about improving their skins appearance. After evaluation Mary will choose the proper products/treatments that are perfect for your skins needs that day. Any/all combination of treatments below are included in one price, 45 minutes.

Facial Treatments include any combination of the following....
Cleansing Massage
Enzymatic Exfoliation
Advanced cellular digestion to promote skin renewal with enzymes, amino acids and minerals. Two strengths available to target beginning treatments to advanced results. Target: All skin types.
Hand & Arm Massage
A+ Smart Serum Peel
Revolutionary peel, smart enough to know exactly what your skin needs and where to deliver it. Jump start rejuvenation to control signs of aging, breakouts and sun damage. Target: All skin types. 
Genesis Peel
Our signature peel with zero stinging, burning or down time it is the ultimate in wrinkle curing.  The results are evident and immediate with plumper, fuller glowing skin.
Target:All skin types, especially a powerful tool for sun spots, mature and sensitive skin
Go Spot Go Peel
Chase away those spots with this peel. Treat sunspots of every level by lightening and suppressing new pigmentation. Targets uneven skin tone, sun damage, and hyper-pigmentation. 
Target: anti-aging, age-spots, uneven tone & color.
Pure C Glow Peel
Collagen promoting vitamin C enhances glow, skin color and texture for all skin types and is crucial for healthy skin maintenance.
Target: all skin types. Wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and dull color.
Saving Face Peel
Whether your skin needs help with evening out skin color or reducing acute breakouts, Saving Face will come to the rescue. Hybrid peeling agents have both lightening and ant-bacterial properties.
 Target, aging, acne, and pigment control, all skin types, except sensitive.
Rosacea Saving Face Peel
Manages symptoms of rosacea, gently dissolves dry, rough, bumpy spots while ant-inflammatory agents cucumber, sea algae, soothe the skin. Skin is left smooth and even textured.
Target: Rosacea, sensitive, and all skin types.
Anti-Aging Boosters
Pigmentation Boosters

Essential Nutrients Replaced
Face Lift Mask

A treatment mask with sea algea, vitamin C and brightening agents to tighten, plump and hydrate the skin. This two-part system can be customized for all skin types. Target: aging, pigmentation, and healthy skin maintenance.
Leave-on Nourishing Mask
Sun Protection
Lip Treatments

.Home care regime is crucial to achieving, long term results!

Ever since I started facials on a regular basis, my face has improved immensely. Thank you  ~Erica

After my skin was ravaged by chemo treatments, Mary turned my skin around with her facials and Skin Care for home.  ~Mary
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